The elementary school at AIS is our largest school division. We dedicate our efforts to providing our students with an exemplary education that will serve them well as global citizens in the 21st century.

The elementary classrooms are always buzzing with learning and activities. Students are engaged in a dynamic U.S. curriculum which is primarily implemented through project-based learning activities.  Our curriculum areas are taught by a dedicated group of teachers who facilitate student learning in a variety of creative ways.

Our Language Arts program is supplemented by other resources as teachers see fit and permits our students to work at independent levels. Daily oral reading and writing prompts are used at all grade levels to foster strong reading and writing skills.

​In addition, our math curriculum guides students’ progress through concepts while engaging in consistent hands-on and real-life math applications.

In our social-studies program we cover standards and benchmarks by taking into consideration the history, geography, and culture of our host nation, the home nations of our student body, and that of the United States of America.

​Our science program, based on New Generation Science Standards (NGSS), prompts children to explore through hands-on learning with lab experiments, observation activities, and recycling projects which directly engage students in their learning. In the upper elementary grades, students receive a weekly class of Science Lab, which fosters participation in experiments conducted by a specialist in this field.  Students are required to work and present lab reports similar to those required in the secondary level. Recently, our school has equipped a MakerSpace where students in first through sixth grade solve real-life problems using everyday materials and applying critical thinking and teamwork skills in a conducive learning environment.

Our elementary program also includes a robust digital program based on the daily and systematic use of iPads.  Children have access to various paid licenses such as Google suite, IXL, Seesaw, and MakersEmpire as well as free educational applications which allow students to work at their own pace, build their own learning, and become responsible users of technology.


Students attend classes from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm.


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Our Teachers

Marjorie Villegas

Ms. Marjorie Villegas

Early Childhood and Elementary Principal
Ms. Laura Viquez

Ms. Laura Viquez

First Grade Homeroom Teacher
Ms. Lisa Levitt

Ms. Lisa Levitt

Third Grade Homeroom Teacher
Ms. Ericka Diaz

Ms. Ericka Diaz

Fourth Grade Homeroom Teacher
Ms. Rosa Delgado

Ms. Rosa Delgado

Fifth Grade Homeroom Teacher
Ms. Lorna Chavarria

Ms. Lorna Chavarria

Sixth Grade Homeroom Teacher

Adriana Zamora

Elementary Teacher