Events in June

 Dear AIS Community, 

As we announced last week and in compliance with the measures imposed by the Ministries of Health and Public Education of Costa Rica, we will continue with 100% online lessons until the end of the school year on June 11th, 2021. Daycare is open only to students in grades PK-2. 

The GENERAL ASSEMBLY of associates that was held last month re-elected the members of the Board of Directors to their positions. We remind you of the next meeting scheduled for Thursday 11-November-2021. 

We are proud of our High School students who took the AP exams in the month of May. We also want to congratulate our Seniors graduating next month. They have already received admission notifications from the colleges and universities where they will continue their higher education. We have been honored to have you at AIS and we look forward to seeing you succeed in your careers! 

Please be reminded that June 15, 2021 is the deadline to register with a discount and to secure the books and other academic resources of the students enrolled for the 2021-2022 School Year. Students who register after this date may experience book availability delays at the beginning of the school year. 
The following are important events scheduled for June and July 2021

Mon 31-May-2021: Holiday, no school. 
Fri 04-Jun-2021 @ 1:30pm: Art and Music Show, event for the entire family, online. 
Mon 07-Jun-2021 @ 8am: School Assembly, event for the entire family, online. 
Mon-07 to Fri-11 Jun-2021: Finals for Middle School and High School, online. 
Tue 08-Jun-2021 @ 6:30pm: Monthly Meeting Board of Directors, online. 
Wed 09-Jun-2021 @ 10:30am: Graduation Kindergarten, invitation only. 
Thu 10-Jun-2021 @ 10:30am: Graduation 6th Grade, invitation only. 
Thu 10-Jun-2021 @ 6pm: Graduation 12th Grade, invitation only. 
Fri 11-Jun-2021 @ 12md: Last Day of School, online and daycare end at 12 noon. 
Tue-22 & Wed-23 Jun-2021: Make-Up Exams – Round 1. 
Mon 05-Jul-2021: Holiday, school closed. 
Tue 13-Jul-2021 @ 6:30pm: Monthly Meeting Board of Directors, online. 
Tue-20 & Wed-21 Jul-2021: Make-Up Exams – Round 2. 
Mon 26-Jul-2021: Holiday, school closed. 
Tue-02 Aug-2021 @ 8am: First Day of School 2021-2022, we must wait.

For the instructions from the national authorities to determine if the classes would be conducted hybrid or 100% online, we will keep you informed. 

Finally, we urge you to maintain the protocols to prevent the spread of Covid-19 during the summer break. 

AIS continues to monitor the instructions and recommendations of the authorities. 

If you have any questions, please contact the School Nurse or your Principal. 

Best regards, 
Kattya Alvarado 
Executive Director 

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