Events in October

Dear AIS Community,

We hope this message finds everyone at home in good health.

Regarding the most recent events: the General Assembly of September 17th elected new members for most of the open positions in the Board of Directors. Some positions are still available and will be elected at the next General Assembly on November 12th, 2020. We urge all our associates to get involved and join the Board and Committees that support the operation of our school.

The Board of Directors sessions continue to be held on the second Tuesday of each month at 6:30 pm, remember to send an email to if you wish to attend the meeting.

This week the students of each Secondary grade elected a class representative for the Student Council (Stuko). We thank the students and teachers who oversee this initiative. Stuko meetings are conducted on Tuesdays at 3:10pm.

We share some important reminders for October 2020:

Week of October 5th thru 9th, students do not have school and our offices will be closed. This week, our staff will be participating in training sessions and working on specific actions of the Strategic Plan. Online lessons resume on Monday 12th.

Tuesday October 13th at 10am the National Drill will be held in Costa Rica. The instructions were sent by Seduca, email and will be shared again on our social networks. The purpose of this exercise is for us to design an Emergency Plan for our home, so that every family in the country is prepared to evacuate their house if needed.

Week of October 18th thru 22nd our school will be complying with the External Quality Audit we have every 5 years. The auditors will join some online classes and will conduct interviews with various members of our school community. Also, this week, the members of our Child Protection Team will receive training from leading North American experts.

The Parent – Teacher Conferences will be held Wednesday October 21st, please be attentive to the times and dates that will be assigned by your Homeroom Teacher. We also invite you to contact any teacher if you need to schedule an individual appointment.

The School Assembly is scheduled for Monday 26th at 8am, parents are invited to accompany their children during this session.

The Senior Class of 2021 is working on activities to celebrate Halloween on Friday, October 30, stay tuned for the information that they will share later.

Throughout this time of online learning, our Psychologist (Ms. Hannia Carvajal) has provided us with tips for dealing with the fatigue and anxiety of spending long periods at home. We recommend reviewing those articles she shared via Seduca and putting her recommendations into practice.

Best regards,
Kattya Alvarado

Executive Director